Frequently Asked Questions

Gift App is an deliberately simple product, but if you have any questions or feedback, we have a very responsive community team to help you out. Before you reach out, take a look at the most asked questions.

What is Gift App?
Gift App is a platform for creators to accept gifts from their fans. Instead of sharing a boring wishlist, you can now share your Gift App link, which your fans will enjoy using.
Who uses Gift App?
YouTubers, artists, podcasters, models, writers, and just about anyone with an audience.
How do I receive my gifts?
When someone buys you a gift, we will send you 100% of the gift amount. You can purchase the gift however you like. 
Yes, this means you do not have to reveal your address anymore!
Can someone buy me a gift if I didn’t add any items to my Wishlist?
Absolutely, that’s the reason why we introduced a surprise gift. You can start receiving gifts from the moment you finish setting up your page.
How do I refund the amount received?
We won't encourage refunds to protect you from scams. However, if your fan purchased the wrong item, you can issue them a refund by contacting our support.
How do surprise gifts work?
Your fans can choose any items from our gift suggestions or create their own gift items to surprise you. 100% of the amount will be transferred to you.
Is Gift App NSFW friendly?
We are. Since you don’t sell any content and are just receiving gifts, NSFW creators can use the platform safely.
Who are you folks?
We are, a team that builds products for creators. Our popular products include Buy Me a Coffee and Bio-Link, which are combinedly used by over 600K creators.
Ok, sounds good. I have a question, where do I ask?
You can DM us on Twitter or send an email to [email protected].