Make a wishlist.
Share it with your fans.
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Make a list of things you want
Add gifts to your wishlist or import from your Amazon wishlist.
Share, react, have fun!
Share your Gift App link by adding it to your bio and telling your fans about it. Remember to add a thank you note––we’ll make sure it gets delivered.
Receive surprises from your fans
It’s hard to pick the perfect gift, even with a list. Your fans can now send you surprise gifts.
Designed for creators
It’s not just a delightful experience for your fans, but a safe platform that puts your privacy first.
What is Gift App?
Gift App is a platform for creators to accept gifts from their fans. Instead of sharing a boring wishlist, you can now share your Gift App link, which your fans will enjoy using.
Who uses Gift App?
YouTubers, artists, podcasters, models, writers, and just about anyone with an audience.
How do I receive my gifts?
When someone buys you a gift, we will send you 100% of the gift amount. Yes, this means you do not have to reveal your address anymore!
Can someone buy me a gift if I didn’t add any items to my Wishlist?
Absolutely, that’s the reason why we introduced a surprise gift. You can start receiving gifts from the moment you finish setting up your page.
Who are you folks?
We are, a team that builds products for creators. Our popular products include Buy Me a Coffee and Bio Link, which are combinedly used by over 600K creators.